Due to a desire to go beyond the obvious data and that which is readily available We use D*STAR, our uniquely developed offering, which incorporates the most up to date and latest Data, Strategy and Technology. To deliver Actions and Results for our clients so they can make data decisive decisions.


It’s about the data points and the medium, not the tools used to collect them – the insight and takeaway, not the machine.
OUTPUT: Reveal hidden contextual local-language insight to superpower creative messaging and content.


It’s about deciphering meaning and the conclusion from what typically is gaseous and without form.
OUTPUT: Data-driven strategic direction focused on delivering specific measurable outcomes. Transformative test-based solutions define design & execution.


It’s about the wheel and spokes; data passing from point to point and in and out of the centre, and managing it from a centuralized position, in online, in virtual or mixed realities.
OUTPUT: Application of the right tools to deliver actions that achieve the game-changing necessities defined through strategy; media, creative, messaging, data management, insight.


It’s about precision, hitting the right target, recalculating, retargeting, and continuously improving on getting it right.
OUTPUT: Omnichannel test-based manual & automated omnichannel geo-targeted engagement targeting audiences internal to your organisation or amoung your target customer base.


It’s about a culmination of the right data powering the right data powering the right tech delivering the right tech delivering the right actions ensuring the outcomes match the original targets.
OUTPUT: The right results measured and reported in understandable actionable formats. Ongoing optimization.


The answer is delivery of meaning and understanding based on data.


Demographic data. Interaction history. Devices.

Before BI

Basic Demographics. Impressions & Clicks. Page Views/Time Spent. Downloads. Video Views. Likes/Shares/Tweets. Basic Sentiment. Country/State/City. Device & Screen.


After BI

Consumer Interests & Values. Cross-Media Content & Context Measures. Online to Offline & Narrative Attribution. Mixed Reality Behaviour Metrics. Purchase Propensity. Emotional Engagement. Precognitive Decisioning.


Aryeh Sternberg

Co-Founder. Intent Insider

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Brett Levy

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